For a few weeks now, individuals have been going door to door soliciting for money in the name of victims of sexual assault.

We would like to inform you that the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre and the provincial Ressource-Line are not doing any kind of fund raising activities at this time.

If you suspect someone is falsely soliciting -in person or by phone- we ask that you contact your local police.

Sexual assault is a crime
Bilingual services offered free of charge to anyone affected...
Men and boys find it harder to talk about sexual assault
We're ready to listen
Toll-free helpline for victimes of sexual assault


The Montreal Sexual Assault Centre, created in 1980, offers a range of bilingual services free of charge to anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault, sexual abuse or incest. Services are also offered to the victim’s family and close friends.

Services offered by the MSAC:

  • Medical and legal / 18 +
  • Individual therapy / 18 +
  • Listening, support and referral / for all

Provincial service:

  • Toll-free helpline / for all