The MSAC falls into the same category as a Centre d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel (community centres for victims of sexual assault usually called “CALACS”) and receives annual base funding from the Programme de soutien aux organismes communautaires or PSOC. The MSAC also receives occasional funding through various projects, such as Emploi-Québec, which permits the hiring of contract employees. 

Since 2010, the MSAC has received specific funding from the ministère de la Justice du Québec to assure the operation of the Provincial Helpline for Victims of Sexual Assault. Although its annual income has increased over the past few years, the MSAC’s needs are constantly expanding. To meet those needs, the MSAC must constantly develop and organize fundraising activities.

Community involvement

The MSAC is fortunate to receive cash and material donations from community members and businesses. These donations are important to the MSAC as they help us to offer our many services to victims of sexual assault and those close to them.


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Annual raffle 

Over the years, the MSAC raffle has become an eagerly awaited annual event. It could not happen without the support and generosity of the many community businesses that faithfully provide all the prizes free of charge year after year.

The late Ann Duncan, who was the art critic for The Gazette, became interested in the MSAC’s cause and was enthusiastic in lending her support. In 1994, she started by sitting on a fundraising committee. Since she was active in the arts, she proposed the idea of offering a work of art as a prize, recruiting important female contemporary artists to create a work to be offered as first prize in the annual raffle. The MSAC is proud to continue the tradition.

In 2012 the Board of Directors decided to name the first prize the “Ann Duncan Prize” in her honour.

Réal Lanthier and François Jacques, owners of the Montreal Art Mûr gallery and long-time friends and partners of the MSAC, graciously offered to frame the Ann Duncan Prize. They look after finding the artists to create the prize, and the MSAC is privileged to organize its gala event at their magnificent Art Mûr.


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Annual raffle rules


Special events

  • February 2015: Humorists Mathieu Séguin and Pierre-Luc Pomerleau from the TV show Les Jokers chose to play for the MSAC on the popular show La Guerre des Clans broadcast on V TV.
  • December 2014:  "BeenRapedNeverReported" fundraising organized by the Montreal Gazette.
  • August 2014:  When Denise Bombardier participated in a television spot for Rôtisseries Saint-Hubert, she chose to donate her fee to the MSAC. This generous contribution enabled the MSAC to create a new position for a contract therapist, thus shortening the waiting list for individual counselling!