Listening, support and referral

Provincial Helpline for Victims of Sexual Assault

Run by the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre, this toll-free telephone service has been offering bilingual, confidential and anonymous services free of charge across all regions of Quebec since 2010. People can join a safe and non-judgmental space, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where they are believed and listened to.


This service is intended for victims of sexual violence, family members, and anyone working with them. This service helps people of all ages (from children to seniors), people of all gender and sexual identities, cultural identities, and occupations, whether the victimization took place a very long time ago or recently.


 Don’t hesitate to call now at 1 888 933-9007(514 933-9007). 


A team of specially trained counselors receives calls, assesses needs, and provides information on the procedures to be followed. Using a provincial directory of services, they direct people to the appropriate help and protection resources closest to them.