Clinical services

A team of professional Clinical Caseworkers offers individual counselling services free of charge for sexual assault victims and those close to them.

Victims of sexual assault

A series of weekly meetings are offered to anyone 18 and over who has been sexually assaulted during the past 12 months.

The MSAC’s intervention approach is inspired by a feminist analysis of sexual violence, and based on a combination of cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic and humanist theories. At the MSAC, we help victims come to terms with their sexual assault in an environment where they will be supported rather than judged. We help them to reclaim their lives and recover their confidence and self-esteem.


Family and close friends

One friend or family member is elligible for a maximum of 3 sessions to help them learn more about the impact of victimization, the victim’s possible reactions and consequences and how they can help. We also offer them a space where they can explore their own feelings and emotions in reaction to their loved one’s experience of victimization.